Our Practice

Click Conversion is both Advertiser and Publisher, Buyer and Seller. We maintain a portfolio of our own brands in top-performing verticals and generate quality leads for our Partners.

With our cradle-to-grave philosophy, and a focus on Lifetime Value (LTV) rather than one-time action, we’re able to provide real value to Consumers within specific, niche segments, offering greater relevance to the User and more precise targeting for Advertisers — garnering higher CPMs.

Our approach encites an environmet of enthusiasm, fosters a forum for communication, produces advocates and loyalist whom produce User-Generated Content (UGC) and share it through their social circles, naturally creating a conduit for commerce.


  • Brand Development
  • Strategic Monetization
  • Lead Generation
  • Customer Acquisition
  • User Retention



Click Leads

Proprietary Ping-Tree Platfrom

Click-Leads.net is a proprietary ping-tree platform for buyers and sellers. It’s a multi-vertical solution that provides the integration and tracking for the short-term loan, automotive, and education industries. Click Leads features easy campaign setup, buyer configurations, filtering, optimization, and reporting. It accommodates all the various post request/response formats, including: HTTP, SOAP, and XML. Hosted in the cloud, and infinitely scalable, the platform currently processes an average of 13 leads per second, 24 hours per day.


Click Links

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Push notifications in the browser!

Click-Links.net is the ultimate User Retention Tool. Advertisers, Marketers, and Brands spend thousands of dollars on email marketing and SEM, in the hopes that they will inbox, have their mail opened, and have their links clicked by consumers in their target market, ultimately leading to a conversion.

As an alternative, Click Links is a browser addon, that users opt to install as a value-add service. With it, the advertiser can pop alerts, reminders, specials, and offers right at the top of the users’ browser, wherever they are online.

Features include: user-level tracking; push notifications on a user-, segmented-, or mass-scale; demographic profiling; and frequency capping.

Remind users to come back to your site. Alert them of the newest coupons and savings opportunities. Cross-sell consumers with relevant tangential products. Get them back to your site or back through your flow.



Email Corrector

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Fixing one of Life’s Great Challenges

It is estimated that 15% of email addresses contain common typos. When your business relies on monetizing form submissions, email marketing campaigns, or customer communication, that equates to a 15% revenue loss. This has been validated through internal and client-use of Email Corrector.

See for yourself. Paste a block of email addresses from your form data or mailing list into the bulk tool, and watch Email Corrector return valid addresses for simple mistakes, such as “yhaoo” and “gmial.” It’s like magic. And it’s and intelligent tool, built to learn as it grows, adding more and more corrections, the more it is used.

Email Corrector is available for use either via API, for in-line form corrections, or via the paste-in, bulk tool. At a penny per look-up, that’s some compelling ROI.



PPC on Crack

YouTube Preview ImageThe Ultimate SEM Automation Tool

The Crack is back! ppconcrack.com was one of the most widely used search marketing automation tools online. We’ve brought it back, better than ever.

PPC on Crack allows you to:

  • Automatically expand your keyword list from 1 single root keyword, to over 2,000 related, relevant keywords
  • Automatically concatenate your keywords, front & back
  • Automatically geo-concatenate your keywords with city names & zip codes (based on a radius that you define)
  • Automatically set your Campaign(s)
  • Automatically group your Keywords into Ad Groups
  • Automatically set Broad, Phrase, and Exact Bid Prices
  • Automatically build 6 Ads per keyword or ad group
  • Automatically insert keywords into ad copy and Display and/or Destination URLs
  • Automatically export your Campaign, Ad Groups, Keywords & Ads to .csv for easy import into Adwords Editor and other ad network campaign building tools