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Running an Offer

Running an Offer

Running an Offer has never been easier. Once you find an offer in the Network, log in to your Click Conversion account. 1) Select ‘Appearance’ 2) ‘Themes’ 3) and ‘Activate’ the Offer of your choosing. That’s it! The design, layout, content, images, and links have all changed to reflect the offer and your Affiliate ID (all dynamically generated).

Domain Mapping

Domain Mapping

Subdomains can be “mapped” to any Top-Level Domain (TLD) of your choice. This is preferred, rather than constantly setting up new hosting accounts. If you’ve ever been slapped or de-indexed, you know what I’m talking about. This way, you can be back up in minutes instead of hours or days!

Admin Bar

Admin Bar

Quickly access and edit content with administrative functionality at your fingertips. From the Admin Bar, you can Add/Edit Posts and Pages, Change Themes/Offers, and access Affiliate Tools, like Registering Domain Names, building PPC Campaigns, and logging in to the Network.

Admin Switcher

The Admin Switcher provides one-click access to the backend of ALL your sites from ANY of your sites. A drop-down box is provided in the Admin Bar. Simply hovering over the Bar triggers your list of sites to expand. Set up is as simple as adding the login URL, and your username and password. Once setup is complete, you’ll never again have to type in your admin login address of input your user name and password.

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